Self-Care After Narcissistic Abuse

Updated: Nov 11

Take Your Power Back Step by Step, Breath by Breath

These methods and tips will help to strengthen and empower you on your road to recovery whilst pouring love into you.

This one can be difficult for some, especially if you're not used to taking time just for yourself, and everyone else's needs come before yours. Permit yourself to prioritise yourself sometimes.

I remember when my therapist said to me, "Nadine, you were planted in soil, and your stems are still fragile."

Right now, you are like a seed planted in the darkness. Water, sunlight and a good environment will help you to grow, thrive and bloom!

After leaving a narcissistic relationship or situation, you may feel lethargic, weak, with no hope for the future or even out of your mind. I understand all of it!

Take time and have compassion for yourself. You're going to need it to help you push forward, instead of beating yourself down at every minute of the day thinking about where things went wrong or how you could have changed anything.

It's ok to be angry as this is a normal part of the process. Channel the anger into something more suitable, such as dancing, singing, shadow boxing, or just pretending someone is in front of you and you're punching away. These are good ways to move stuck energy in the body rather than allowing it to fester inside.

Hot showers! - This was one of the first methods I found that gave me some light relief. I would close my eyes and imagine the negative energy running down my body and into the drain with the water - I felt refreshed. Treat yourself to a nice bubble bath with candles and scents or whatever else you like.

Sleep when you can, try to eat well, stay hydrated and listen to music that you love. Avoid music that reminds you of the narcissist, as this will bring you back into the ruminating loop. Rumination is where you're continuously thinking about the same thoughts, which can be dangerous for your mental health.

Aromatherapy and essential oils can work wonders. They can help you to ground and stabilise yourself, connecting to the scent. Some scents can also aid in a half-decent night's sleep if you're suffering from night terrors or insomnia. My favourites are Jasmine and Ylang Ylang.

Celebrate your wins - every time you succeed with upholding a boundary, or stay no contact for a day, a week, or a month, celebrate yourself every step of the way and be your own cheerleader. And if you are reading this, I am cheering for you too!

Compassion for yourself is key to the healing process. After all, you didn't know what you know now. Turn the empathy and compassion you have for others towards yourself. YOU need it, and YOU deserve it.

The power of self-belief. Try to be mindful of the stories that play in your mind. Speak positively about who you are. Remember the times you overcame hardships in the past

and the person you were and are.

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