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Updated: Jan 18

The law of attraction is an ancient philosophy surrounding universal laws and principles. Every thought and feeling creates an energy vortex that brings things into our existence. Whatever energy frequency is sent out, we receive the same frequency back. Everything starts in the mind with our thoughts and manifests into our reality in physical form. The quality of our thoughts determines the quality of our actions and ultimately, the quality of our lives.

We are always manifesting, whether that be consciously or unconsciously/ subconsciously through our thinking and feeling. Thought forms are the powers we use that create and manifest our realities. The energy we put into a thought form will build up and the nature of thoughts will determine the output quality of those thoughts. We are manifesting constantly because we are always thinking and feeling, so there is energy in motion - E-motion. We are often just unconscious of this fact and not intentional about what we are thinking and feeling at any given moment.

When you have an idea for a project, you create the vision in your mind that creates a vortex of energy for you to manifest the goal or desire. Vortexes can get filled with debris if we are not being intentional about clearing out what can possibly hinder the manifestation.

When I speak about clearing debris, I’m referring to our subconscious blocks and limitations. These subconscious obstructions can create barriers such as fear, a lack mindset, or lack of conviction. When we delve deeper into the subconscious mind to access the things that hold us back, we can then bring them up to be challenged, reframed and released. For example, if I have a fear of failure, I may have a programmed script that plays out in my mind that tells me, “you won’t make it because you're not qualified”. Or, “You make too many mistakes for this”.

Accessing the subconscious programme allows us to look at what narrative is playing over in a looped fashion. This gives us the golden opportunity to re-write the script or program. After all, these are just illusions that we really do believe to be true. We don't spend much time and commitment in confronting the often destructive echo with the truth.

This is commonly known as the voice of ‘The Imposter’. It could be the voice of a parent or caregiver that you heard growing up or a time where you may have been shamed at school and the harmful words stuck with you. These are all possible hindrances to manifestation and personal growth because we tend to believe in the voice and give power and energy to it. We allow it to rise and convince us to stop what we’re trying to achieve.

Imagine a drain that piles up with leaves from trees in the autumn months and small stones that can’t disintegrate. This accumulation of waste will eventually block the drain making it hard for water (energy) to flow freely as it’s supposed to. ‘Energy flows where energy goes’, or ‘energy flows where intention goes’. We do need this energy to flow and for it to build momentum to allow the attracting elements to come together.

One principle of the law of attraction is that when we put our trust in the universe to bring our hearts desires into existence through alignment, there is no need to be fearful or worried. We can let go of the ‘wanting’ which is fear-based and a lack mindset instead of an abundant mindset.

We must learn to get out of our own way and trust that all is well because the universe knows the best sequence for things to unfold. Trust that the universe will deliver to us what we need, in whatever form it is delivered. We are co-creators with the universe where we do our part and let go for the universe to work with us rather than against us.

Tend to what is in your vortex as it grows and develops. Feed it time, feed it love, feed it consistently and most of all, patience. Take care to kindly water and pull the weeds out (unhelpful thoughts) along the way as this will build your character and resolve en route.

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