Are You Going Through a Spiritual Awakening?

Updated: Jul 9

If you’re going through an awakening, you may feel like your world is collapsing around you where nothing appears to be real anymore. It may seem as though the reality you thought you knew is false because nothing seems right. You may also feel like life doesn’t have much meaning. Have you been questioning the meaning of life and why you’re here?

You may even be experiencing what is called the ‘dark night of the soul’, which is a term used to illustrate the crumbling of reality as one knows it to be. There is a deep sense of nothingness, a deep void that can be felt inside with an enormous feeling of not belonging. All whilst feeling disconnected from yourself and life.

I also went through the dark night of the soul for many months with what is called an ‘ego death’. There is no happiness, no meaning or purpose to life, just a dark void. Generally, the dark night of the soul is triggered by a traumatic event, a catastrophe, a near-death experience, the loss of a child or someone very close.

What gives way is your perception of how things are, your beliefs about life, relationships and who you think you are - Eventually, everything’s called into question and put up for judgement. I call this the ‘shattering process’ or ‘ego dissolution’ phase. What happens is the illusionary self-identity buckles and fragments into pieces where there is no real meaning left.

I remember looking at all I had created and feeling what I can only describe as eternal hell within. I wanted to collect the belongings of myself and who I knew myself to be. I longed for my false identity. But I was scared because I knew my illusions had caused me so much suffering I had to leave them behind. Out of this laid the stones for me to birth my true self.

Some of the signs you may be going through an awakening are:

  • Questioning the meaning of life

  • Wondering what your purpose is

  • Your world crumbling, job losses, things not working out

  • Feeling like you’re not sure of who you are and a disconnection from yourself

  • Synchronicity and seeing repetitive numbers. For example, 111, 222

  • Relationships shifting or ending

  • Your dreams are more vivid and feel real

  • Dizziness

  • Change of sleep patterns or waking up every morning at 4 am

  • You have an awareness of your negative habits

  • You start to feel as though this reality of life is a lie

This is just a list of some of the symptoms you may face. I also experienced these at different stages of my awakening and still go through some to continue learning. You may only experience one or two at a time through the stages of your awakening.

My top tips for navigating the beginnings of a spiritual awakening

  • Slow down - It may feel like everything is hitting you at once, leaving you confused, irritable and lost. Slow down so you can connect more with the divinity within you.

  • Breathing - Consider how you breathe. Some of us are in a state of anxiety and survival about the past, the present and the future. Take note of this and work on some simple breathing techniques. My favourite is the 3-6-9 method. Take a deep breath in for 3 seconds, hold for 6, and release slowly for 9.

  • Nature - Spend time in nature, your back garden or a park and sit beside a tree. Take your shoes and socks off and plant your feet in the grass close to the soil. Observe the movements and cycles of nature. I have found that many of my questions are answered in the most simple and profound ways by spending time with nature.

  • Isolation - Many of us are called into isolation where we have a chance to see ourselves for the very first time. During our awakening, it's good to spend time alone but it can be easy to get lost inside our own worlds which can make us feel like aliens! Connect with others on the journey as they would understand you better than anyone else. At some point, you and your tribe will align.

  • Books - Now, books are not an absolute requirement. I am of the firm belief that you are your own book, it just depends on what questions you are asking yourself and how you are unfolding what you see, hear, and sense. ​​Some books can help you to make sense and give you clarity over things. A good book will also encourage you to keep walking your path to freedom and liberation.

  • Be kind to yourself - What's going on can be a difficult path to walk, but for me, every single second has been worth it. Be compassionate as you work on revealing and unravelling the real you.

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