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free your soul with spiritual coaching
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~ Trauma-Informed Transformation Coaching ~

freedom from trauma and abuse

There is no one size fits all on the road to recovery

Hi, I'm Nadine

My motivation to help others stems from transcending my own suffering and embracing my true potential. Through this, I have been able to identify many areas of human suffering by continuously working on myself and challenging my hardened thoughts and belief systems.


I also believe we are all one, and it's part of my journey to help others empower themselves by breaking through the emotional cycles we can often get stuck in and the beliefs we hold about ourselves that are not true.


These unhelpful patterns seem to have so much control over our lives and I know it doesn't have to be this way because there are many ways we can change our world with inner transformation.

The first and hardest step is reaching out

What I Offer

Narcissistic abuse recovery and transcendence ~ Generational cycle breaking ~ Inner child recovery and healing ~ Integration of the inner child and adult self ~

Self-love journeying and guidance ~ Shadow work ~ Breaking trauma bonds / spiritual ties ~ Breaking down old defence mechanisms to build new foundations based on truth and authenticity 

find your purpose and meaning with soul freedom coaching

Tools to rescue, reclaim and trust in yourself



Wake up out of the ego & cycle of suffering & land in LOVE


Integrate the mind, body & soul to embody the whole self

Working With Me

  • Your experience, thoughts, and feelings will be validated and you will be heard

  • Identify your triggers and find helpful coping mechanisms 

  • Defining who you really are, not who you've been taught to believe you are

  • Setting personal boundaries without being defensive

  • Practising radical self-care and self-love

  • Reframing thoughts

  • Re-build your self-esteem and confidence from the inside

  • Learn how to navigate gaslighting and understand the techniques used to disarm, dissolve triggers and reclaim your power

  • Learn how to navigate triangulation

  • Navigating smear campaigns  

  • Support and guidance if you have children with a narcissist and court proceedings

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What They Say

"It was a very uplifting time being guided by Nadine. She was very supportive and intuitive to what I needed out of our sessions. I was made to feel comfortable and that my feelings were important and valid. Even though some things were complex, she was able to help me untangle and come to positive resolutions. I am thankful for all that she has helped me through. Highly recommend her!"

~ Abigail ~ 

"Nadine is a great listener and she took on board all the issues I brought forward for guidance. She totally understood, empathised and advised me on the best approach to my situation. I highly recommend her service and her timely communications were very reassuring. I will certainly be returning to Nadine in the future when the need arises."


~ Nadia Mirza ~

"I've worked with Nadine and she is amazing, very insightful and extremely helpful in guiding and lifting ones soul."

~ Leeane ~ 

"What an amazing coach, teacher, and helper! It is a delight to have had sessions with someone that can get to the root of the problem doing both shadow work and light work while letting you know the difference.


For years, I've had trouble opening up and denying that therapy or anything of the sort was ever needed, that I was fine! So, imagine my surprise getting curious wanting to go through sessions with her while sceptical.


She had touched on a lot of points on her blog that stimulated an urge in me to want to speak or session with her one or one. Needless to say that a sceptical mind wasn't needed, my mind was BLOWN away by her effective methods, her understanding, and her experiences.


The groundwork or foundation of her methods is based on Self-Love, and she won't continue until you've touched on it. So believe me, if you just want to cruise through thinking in one or two sessions you'll be fine, forget about it!


For someone like me, I'm not so open or trusting, but she got me to understand why it is necessary for me to be. You have to do your part in this! She's there to coach you every step of the way. She got my stubbornness out of the way for my inner child to come to the surface and play. I'm grateful for the experience while I'm surprised by it."

~ Rotimi ~ 

"Nadine has been an exceptional breath of fresh air. She's been a guiding light in moments of darkness and a beacon when I needed guidance through anxiety and despair. Being able to have her there to help me navigate dark and turbulent thoughts, negative and repetitive questions and ultimately to find my true self during painful and traumatic experiences, Nadine has helped me tremendously to heal and save myself. She has helped me discover new life."

~ Anonymous ~ 


Do you feel a disconnection from yourself or does life feel empty?

Have you been chasing happiness only to find yourself chasing more?

Does your life repeat in cycles and you don't know how to get off the merry-go-round?

Are you struggling to find inner peace and happiness?

Do you want to live a deeply fulfilling life with meaning and happiness?


Soul freedom Coaching can help. We offer transformation coaching that can help you to heal from your past and discover your authentic self

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