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Freedom from narcissistic abuse
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~ Trauma-Informed coaching for those who want to break the cycle of psychological abuse and generational trauma ~

Take your power back ~ breath by breath, step by step

One of the most frustrating, lonely, and frightening aspects of narcissistic abuse is finding the words to explain what's happening to our friends or family members.

Often they don't understand, or even worse, they don't believe you because your experiences may seem so far-fetched for them to comprehend.

We may hear things like, "he/she wouldn't do that!" Or, "I don't think they meant it in that way."


The suspicious look in the corner of their eye doubts your story, which can leave us feeling isolated and anxious whilst our self-esteem chips away slowly.

The nuances of this abuse are enough to send you crazy, with you questioning your very existence - I GET IT! I've been there, and I understand just how devastating it is.

Here is where I can help. We can begin to shift the fog from the eyes to see clearly and act differently, and for you to evolve from the cycle of abuse and walk in your rightful freedom.

set your soul and spirit free

Let me meet you where you are

  • Are you struggling with no contact?​


  • Do you constantly blame yourself?


  • Are you ruminating with the same thoughts over and over again?


  • Do you often feel like you're going crazy?


  • Do you feel like your life has been ruined after the abuse?


  • Are you ready to break free and walk into the light and into your freedom?

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Programme 

  • Navigating gaslighting

  • Navigating smear campaigns

  • Self-care and boundary setting

  • Breaking trauma bonds

  • No contact rule, grey rock method and parallel parenting

  • X 60 minute mentoring 

  • In between session catch up

  • Email or text support

  • Deeper healing, trigger dissolving

  • Insights

  • X 60 minute mentoring

  • In between session catch up

  • Email or text support

  • Inner confidence building

  • Life scripts

  • Re-framing unhelpful thoughts and beliefs 

  • Building new foundations

  • X 60 minute mentoring

  • In between session catch up

  • Email or text support

Each individual is at a different stage on their journey with a variety of challenges that they would like to overcome. I formulate bespoke packages for you and what we can achieve in the timeframe that supports your needs, goals and desires.

 Life Scripts 

What Programmed Thoughts Run in Your Mind?



"I must put my needs aside to keep my partner happy in the relationship - it doesn't matter if I'm hurt or if my boundaries are crossed"



"I can't speak up for what I need - I must keep the peace at all costs"



"I don't want them to leave me just like my father/ mother did"



"I must stifle my voice and emotions because I don't want to look weak like my father always told me I was"


"I am not worthy enough to ask for my needs to be met. I must stay quiet and not rock the boat"




Can you think of any scripts that play in your mind?

trauma bond freedom

Working With Me

  • Your experience, thoughts, and feelings will be validated and you will be heard

  • Identify your triggers and find helpful coping mechanisms 

  • Defining who you really are, not who you've been taught to believe you are

  • Setting personal boundaries without being defensive

  • Practising radical self-care and self-love

  • Reframing thoughts

  • Re-build your self-esteem and confidence from the inside

  • Learn how to navigate gaslighting and understand the techniques used to disarm, dissolve triggers and reclaim your power

  • Learn how to navigate triangulation

  • Navigating smear campaigns  

  • Support and guidance if you have children with a narcissist and court proceedings

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