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spiritual coaching, inner child healing, shadow work
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~ Trauma - Informed Spiritual Transformation Coaching ~

 Set Your Soul Free 

We are going through an age of change and many of us are reflecting and contemplating on who we are, and why we are here on earth. Some of us are now feeling the disconnection within and want to explore the meaning of our lives. Amongst all the uncertainty, we are longing to find our passions, peace, and purpose.

Maybe you're new on your spiritual journey and would like a coach who has achieved deep, extensive shadow work experience that may help you see your blind spots and breakthrough.

Maybe you want to explore what thoughts may be limiting you or inhibiting breakthroughs and would like someone to help you to achieve your own insights along the way.

I also work on inner child healing, reparenting, and adult integration to bring the two aspects of self together as one.

As a spiritual coach, my role is to be your collaborative partner who can help to guide and empower you to make helpful choices and changes in your life. Break your repeated patterns and get off the rollercoaster of suffering and struggle

Spiritual Transformation Coaching

  • Awareness, presence and mindfulness

  • Self-love journeying 

  • Self-talk ~ inner critic ~ imposter chatter

  • X 60 minute mentoring

  • In between session catch up

  • Email or text support

  • Inner child healing

  • Identifying karmic cycles/ patterns

  • Tackling the inner critic

  • Dream work

  • X 60 minute mentoring

  • In between session catch up

  • Email or text support

  • Breaking generational trauma

  • Inner child reparenting and integration

  • Shadow work

  • Alignment through vibration and frequencies

  • Manifesting through alignment

  • X 60 minute mentoring

  • In between session catch up

Discover How To:

Embrace self-love and find liberation through the art of surrendering and letting go ~ Dissolve obstacles that restrict and block your personal growth ~ Ground back here in the moment whilst releasing the power the past may have over your life ~ Unlock the true potential of your mind ~ Harness your ego and higher self ~ Apply shadow integration ~ break karmic patterns ~ Work with vibrations and energy

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 Shadow Work 

Shadow work is the most crucial component on the path of inner transformation, for you to remember your authentic self that has always been in existence waiting for the veil to be lifted.

Our shadows are aspects of ourselves that we deny, reject and keep hidden - we can also refer to the shadow as our 'hidden self'. They are the parts of us that we don't wish to see, acknowledge or want others to see in us.


We are not often aware of our shadows operating because they are so embedded. We see them as rational parts of our character, which in fact, the expressions can often be harmful to ourselves and others.


The shadow/ hidden self expresses itself as anger, rage, jealousy and envy- it's a version of us that holds back and self-sabotages.


Unresolved trauma gives rise for the shadow to react and reveal itself once under a perceived threat, shame, guilt, judgment, or problem.


These aspects are an unconscious reaction to any form of conflict within, where they seek to express or make themselves seen.

What is the Purpose of Shadow Work?

The purpose of shadow work is to bring the shadow to the forefront to challenge and embrace these aspects of ourselves. The shadow needs to be approached holistically with love and compassion - after all, it is a part of you.





It is often trauma, neglect, harsh words and criticism that create the shadow/ hidden self. We often have no awareness of this. What we see as unacceptable by family, cultural and social norms become hidden and manifest through projection onto others.



Projection refers to the shifting of our own unwanted feelings and emotions onto someone else. For example, when the sense of self feels attacked, the ego rises to protect itself by projecting the inner feelings outwardly, as if they don't belong to us. It is a defence mechanism to keep the ego in protection mode. 

spiritual coaching
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  • Learn how to use your dreams and navigate the physical realm

  • Allow your dreams to help you to release past energies

  • Learn how to use your dreams as super fuel for your journey

Dream Work & Interpretation 

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