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I'm Nadine, and I'm an intuitive Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coach and a Spiritual Transformation Facilitator. I have dedicated the past four years to healing myself from childhood and ancestral trauma, alongside retrieving my soul from narcissistic abuse.

During a long traumatic period in life, I had a spiritual awakening and a heavy Dark Night of the Soul which led me to seek answers. I wanted to know why it had happened, who I was, and I questioned why I was here on earth. There was something in me that just wouldn't rest. The start of my journey of self-discovery paved the way for me to seek inwards and I understand the capabilities of the mind, memory, and our ability to shape our own realities.

​I am trained in Spiritual Transformation coaching and everything I teach and offer I have experienced and continue to practice myself. I guide people through powerful processes to break free from the stories and wounds of the past that continue to play out in their lives, for them to embody their authentic self and live with a deeper sense of purpose, alignment, wholeness, and freedom.

break free from trauma with inner child healing

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